For russian people and other who speak English

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welcome in this forum
Chrystel et Thomas

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I hope it is not to difficult for you to understand our page. If you want to write on the "forum" you must enter your e-mail adresse at the first time. In this "forum", French people can ask questions to Russian people and Russian people can do the same or comment our travel, our motobike or anything eslse.
Davai writing!
Chrystel et Thomas

Hi, Chrystel!

I saw Tomas 2 hours ago. He and his bike are OK both. Our TV-company made a little film about him and his travel. So, he's Russian-French TV star now.)))

I am so surprised! Thank you very much for the news ...
But, how did you met him???

I met him in the center of my town Nizhny Novgorod, at Minin square in sunday 27.08. He arrived there like D'Artagnian (sorry if this name is not correct - I don'n know how to write it ), on very old painted strange yellow color "horse".
29.08 he left our town and went to Kazan'.

About film. one of TV companies made this one. Yesterday our cityzens watched this small film on TV.

Hi Mark,

I am very happy to have this news, Thank you for the answer and explanations.
D'Artagnan is writen like this, congratulation!

Hi Chrystel! Hi All!

At friday evening Perm bikers meet Thomas on the road (Thomas find us - he was alone and saw bikers:) We speek a little & I ask him where he will sleep :) He sas that he don`t know and I invite him to my home. We drive a little & go to me. Thomas have a shower :) Than we start to drink wine :))))

We walk at the night Perm streets (no drive when drunk - The Rule! We show to Thomas many famous places in Perm, Ithink he was glad.

Yesterday I invite Thomas on the meeting of my Classmates. We drink vodka :) Then we play billiard and go to sleep. My Mother wash his clothes in mashine - Thomas was glad again :)

Today we (me :) sleep all day, Thomas show me his video (with mark too :). We have a good Diner from my Mother. Than we ride in the City, Thomas make video and Photos. Then we meet some bikers and we drive with Thomas to the end of the city. I call to my friend (biker Alex) to Kungur City (160 ëü from Perm) and ask him meet Thomas on the road. Me and Thomas say GoodBye to each other, Be Lucky and Carefull & Thomas go away.

Now I call to Kungur to Alex and ask him did he meet Thomas? He say Yes, they have excursion in Kungur and now they go to Russian Banya. It mean that all is OK!

PS - Thomas is Great! Real TV Star and pleasure French Man! I`m very glad that now we knew each other! :)

Big Salut from Perm!

Vova "Motor"

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Hi Vova

Thank you for receive Thomas on your premise and for send me good news. I am sure that Thomas was very happy to meet you and have good time with you.Mother's bikers are also very kind.I am waiting to see you on my tv-set:)
A lot of French people are reading this page, they can see that Thomas meet a lot of new friends in Russia and that people are really nice there.
I hope one day I also come to visit you.
Take care.

Chrystel et Thomas

Thank you Vova for this summary. I really had good time with you and now I enjoy Kungur with Alex and his sister who speaks english. We took bagna and visited Kungur caves. Wonderful ! We'll see again, i'm sure. bye


Chrystel et Thomas!!!! Whats Happend?!?! Please - answer me where are you!

Hi Vova !

I reach Baikal, I'm in Irkutsk now.
What happened, you didn't see news on blog and photos ?
See you


hi sergei,

i stop in Baikal, Siberia too cold !
Back to Moscow with train and then i don't know yet...


Hi, Thomas!
Glad to see the successful finish of your jorney. Really, to reach Far East in winter by bike - crazy invention .
While you will no pass past Nijny Novgorod - welcome!
This time I'll by best vobla.

Hi, Thomas!
Glad to see the successful finish of your jorney. Really, to reach Far East in winter by bike - crazy invention .
While you will to pass past Nijny Novgorod - welcome!
This time I'll buy best vobla.
Did you has left your motorcycle in Russia or took it with you?

Hi Mark,
The answer is on the new blog...look at the photo!

Hi lads !

for last news, go to this new adress :

see you


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